Botify Connect Europe 2023

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We will explore trends across industries, AI and LLM technologies, and methodologies for quantifying the return on search spend. 
16 sessions
9:30 AM BST - 10:30 AM BST

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11:10 AM BST - 11:35 AM BST

Organic Search Strategies for Lifting Multichannel Retail Businesses to Pandemic Levels

While many retailers experienced seismic losses during the pandemic, the grocery industry saw unprecedented gains as consumers turned to home-cooked meals. While there have been numerous changes in consumer behavior since lockdowns were lifted, our two panelists for this session are strategically leveraging organic search in hopes of elevating grocery once again. They will share how they use automation, structure their teams, and combat new players and evolving trends to successfully engage...
11:35 AM BST - 11:55 AM BST

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12:25 PM BST - 12:50 PM BST

Ecommerce Reinvented: Navigating Trends, Traffic, and International Markets in 2024

Join us for a thought-provoking panel discussion as we delve into the dynamic world of retail in 2024. This engaging session will explore mitigating the ups and downs of traffic, industry trends, forecasting, benchmarks, international SEO, and the art of successfully navigating multiple markets. Our experienced panelists will share their insights, experiences, and strategies for thriving in international markets, including key considerations for successful expansion including understanding...
12:50 PM BST - 2:05 PM BST

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2:05 PM BST - 2:30 PM BST

Navigating Disrupted Terrain - Effective Strategies for Success in the Travel & Hospitality Sectors

The travel industry has weathered numerous disruptions, rendering the past few years of data insufficient for reliable benchmarking and predicting future trends.
2:35 PM BST - 3:00 PM BST

Measuring Impact in the New Search Era

Join us for an in-depth exploration of the vital role organic search plays in crafting your brand's narrative and establishing meaningful connections with your audience. Learn how it fuels intent-driven demand and drives conversions. Additionally, we will delve into the dynamic interplay of AI-enabled technologies, enhancing ROI through scalable organic search strategies and delivering a captivating digital narrative with unprecedented speed and agility, the keys to discoverability in the new...
3:00 PM BST - 3:20 PM BST

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3:20 PM BST - 3:45 PM BST

Scaling Organic Search for Enterprise Websites: Tackling Challenges and Embracing Google's Evolution

In the ever-changing SEO ecosystem, enterprise organizations face unique and perpetual challenges when it comes to optimizing their websites for organic search. In this down-to-earth session, we will transcend surface-level discussions as we explore the art and science of creating pages on demand - discussing strategies for delivering the right URL, at the right time, with the right content. In addition, we’ll take a deep-dive into the intriguing parallel between Google and Amazon, examining...
3:50 PM BST - 4:15 PM BST

Delivering Relevant Optimizations quickly at scale using AI tools

Join us to explore how AI-powered tools and techniques are reshaping the SEO landscape. Discover the immense potential AI brings to not only streamline and enhance traditional SEO practices but also to unlock new dimensions of insight and effectiveness. From understanding search intent to predicting trends, to developing targeted content, AI empowers businesses to reach their target audience with unprecedented precision.
4:50 PM BST - 5:00 PM BST

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